April 25th Recap:
LCK Finals: 2 – 9 (-7.88 units)

LPL: 4 – 8 (-1.291 units)

Live: 1 – 3 (+1.5 units)

Parlays: 0 – 1 (-1.31 units)

Futures: +7.67 units

Total: -1.301 units

T1 vs Gen.G (Net: +1.79)
Somehow managed to have such a poor finals showing that we ended up barely positive even considering out +7.67 unit futures hedge lock. Gen.G sort of just rolled over and died in this series. A few really uncharacteristic mechanical misplays in the first two games disrupted any sort of momentum Gen.G would have had.

I gotta give credit to T1. They just show up when it matters time and time again with every single iteration of this roster over the years. Canna is a rookie and made a couple huge plays killing Bdd on the back of fights that looked to be going Gen.G’s way. That kind of thing happened multiple times this series. Anytime something looked to be going Gen.G’s way somebody on T1 just stepped up and outplayed a situation to completely shut it down.

It’s a damn shame we’re not going to get an MSI this year so we’re going to have to wait until worlds to see T1 against international competition.

That’s a wrap for the LCK season. I was more or less spot on about the top three teams. Afreeca crashed and burned, KT Rolster showed some veteran savvy to massively overperform, and DAMWON didn’t fix any of their problems or they probably could have been a contender (I know they got 4th, they weren’t good this season…).

The biggest takeaway I have for Korea this split is that drafts were king. It’s why APK with their lackluster roster was able to do fine and why the bottom teams remained bad. Any time the good teams lost it was an awful draft. IT was a very binary region much like North America. I’m not comparing the two in skill level just that they have that in common. It’s going to be interesting to see the direction the bottom half teams decide to take for the summer. I’ll have power rankings out in a few weeks.

EDG / FPX (Net: -1.791)

This was a bizarre series. EDG had a commanding lead in game two that they completely punted away at two separate fights one near dragon pit, the other a blind approach on baron. The baron play was just a bit unlucky, it appeared to me that they thought they were catching FPX mid recall and hoping somebody was already backed so they’d have a numbers advantage. It’s a very headsy play and I liked it but FPX hadn’t finished and was able to turn the fight. The dragon fight (Doinb Penta) was more jus approaching into Varus being extremely difficult. Honestly that champion somewhat defined both series this morning. Lethality Varus has this bad reputation for falling off but in this new dragon soul world I’m somewhat surprised more poke comps haven’t been established world wide.

EDG played mostly well in this series but FPX are just really damn good. This easily could have gone the distance or even turned into an upset. Aodi was outstanding and probably just earned himself a starting position here or on another team this year or next year.

FunPlus had a few things I’d like to see them clean up but I don’t know what else to say, this team is good. They can pull a rabbit out of a hat in so many situations. They’re great in set plays, great at trading resources, and great improvisors as well. News flash: FPX is good.

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