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Projection Sets

Working in excel has pros, but using our projections and a model coupled with an optimizer allows for control and optimal lineup construction. Use our model to identify outliers and players in optimal spots for the best lineup construction possible.

Lineup Optimizer

Whether you are making 1 or 150 lineups, using an optimizer is smart and lets the math do the work for you. Generate hundreds of lineups, and back test your theories, build stacking rules, keep track of your player exposure and so much more with our lineup optimizer.

Written by Pros

Betting and DFS analysis

Industry leading analysis and content including spreadsheets with projections, player data, and cheat sheets of our favorite plays to a full video analysis from pros who play the slates.

This will include any cheatsheets or notes that we have taken for each of the slates and betting markets. If we have the info – you will have the info.

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League of Legends
  • DFS Projections
  • DFS Slate Breakdowns
  • Full Model With Ratings
  • Betting Picks
  • Lineup Optimizer
Counter Strike: GO
  • DFS Projections
  • DFS Slate Breakdowns
  • Lineup Optimizer

League of Legends


Counter Strike: Global Offensive


It’s time for a site focused solely on esports

There are plenty of sites that focus the main sports and put esports in the background. From Daily Fantasy slate video analysis, models and projection sets, to covering line movement and writing betting articles, all we do is esports.

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LoL fire projections as usual and I turned $50 into $1,400! Thanks @GelatiLoL, @RobertsNumber49, and @TheEsportsPlug!!

@JasonBennettEsports Department Subscriber

Shout out to @TheEsportsDept for the grade A esports projections and slate analysis. Quality work from quality people!

Esports Department SubscriberEsports Department Subscriber

Played CS-GO today because I was impatient waiting for LoL to come back Friday. Thanks for the convo in the DMs @RyanHodge. You helped me play it the right way. Also @TheEsportsDept projections are straight Fire!

@ayybesmoothEsports Department Subscriber

Had a pretty good day, had some lucky breaks but one more lucky break and it woulda been a fire slate sweeping thanks to @TheEsportsDept @GelatiLoL @FantasyLabs @TheEsportsPlug, and @RobertsNumber49

@RaiderJay_BBBEsports Department Subscriber

Bang! Turned $400 into $4,000 thanks for coming through with the Fire esports content!!

@Theone324Esports Department Subscriber

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